Your Treatment

On your initial visit, we will take a full case history of you and your condition. That way, we can understand how your condition or injury came about. This will help point us towards the root cause of your issue. Establishing the root cause is extremely important, because if this isn’t fully understood, then your physio treatment may be ineffective. Following the case history, we undertake a series of examination and assessment protocols to help confirm the root cause of your condition.

Once we understand the root cause of your condition, we then use the appropriate physio protocols to effectively treat the dysfunction that is limiting you in doing your normal activities. The assessment and treatment protocols that we use incorporate some of the most effective approaches in the field of physio today. Consequently, if you have found that other physio approaches have failed to resolve your problem, then there is a very good chance that the physio approaches that we use may help you to overcome those dysfunctions that you are afflicted with.

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